5 советов по выбору анимационной компании

5 советов по выбору анимационной компании

If you have never worked with an animation company choosing the right partner can be challenging. But with these 5 tips, you can narrow your choices from hundreds of companies to just a few, but the best ones.

Tip 1. Watch at least 3-5 videos in their portfolio.

Try to watch the videos as a viewer. And then ask yourself, which effect did the videos have? Did you understand the idea of a product and how it works? Would you buy it? If you feel the videos deliver the message be sure, this company creates not only beautiful pictures but builds the strategy behind the video.

Tip 2. Look at the visual design they create.

You don't need to be a professional to understand if you like the visual design they create. How does it make you feel? It should look original, stylish, and contemporary for you. And of course, it should match your taste because you should like your video yourself.

Tip 3. Look at their brand.

An animation company puts its strongest skills in its brand. The brand should engage you to come into partnership with them. You should innately know that they are professionals and you should feel a desire to work with these guys.

Tip 4. Get to know what they deliver.

Creating an animation video is a complicated process. It consists of different elements like script, visual part, animation, sound accompaniment, etc. Professional animation companies can deliver all of them. So you shouldn't worry about something missing. But most important that they can smartly combine these elements and create a high-quality final product.

Tip 5. Intro meeting

Do not avoid personal contact. Set up the intro meeting with the best candidates. It is a great way to get to know if you feel comfortable in communication with their teams and if you are dealing with professionals. Also, look for enthusiasm. People who love what they do create the most outstanding things.

By following those 5 tips you get higher chances to choose the best partner that will create a beautiful and effective animation video for your business.